Our Costa-versary!

If you got married this year, or even in recent years and don't yet have children, I bet your idea of how future wedding anniversaries will be is heavily rose-tinted and involves beautiful gifts, Champagne, romantic dinners, etc.  The reality, when you have children, a mortgage, several jobs/life roles, and everything else that comes with busy, hectic, real life, is that you're lucky if you even remember the date and manage to get a card in time!!

Happy anniversary bloke!

It was our sixth wedding anniversary last week and the highlight of our day was a much-anticipated trip to the new Costa coffee shop which has opened up the road from us.  Sophia ADORES cafes, but has a special soft spot for Costa as that is where Uncle Paul took her and bought her mini muffins last summer.  So any Costa we pass has to be visited and the whole chain is treated with a reverence many reserve for sites of religious pilgrimage.

Knowing that the new branch was being built in a mini retail park near us and was due to open in mid-August, Sophia has been having an on-going debate with herself for several weeks: should she go as soon as possible after it opens, or should she wait until Uncle Paul next visits and go with him?  What a dilemma!  She has vacillated back and forth and spent untold amounts of mental exertion and 3 year old angst on this puzzle.

Knowing that he may not visit until Christmas-time, due to work commitments and distance, Paul kindly put the poor girl out of her misery by very kindly sending Sophia a gift card to use until such time he can visit.  With her gift card burning a hole in her pocket, our darling girl decided that Mummy and Daddy's "azaversy" was a suitable time for our first visit to this new mecca, so we duly set out last Wednesday for our first visit.  How happy is the little munchkin??!

Lara wasn't sure she could make it due to work commitments of her own, so decided to bring her 'phone' and her work with her - where does she get it from?!

While Sophia sat enraptured by a sort of snippy crane thing cutting down a building across the road, Lara fielded phone calls and despatched e-mails on her toy phone.  (I wouldn't mind, but neither Steve or I have a phone, so goodness knows who she has been studying!)

Sophia was delighted with her juice and muffins, and declared the new Costa "very good".

She also speculated as to whether this lorry was full of mini muffins and could be driven to our house...

So that's how we came to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary in Costa.  A bit of an odd anniversary, but fun with smalls, including a bus trip there and back (car is in garage for repairs), makes a jolly good afternoon out!  Happy anniversary to us!

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