Review: Dance Skirts from Dancewear Central

Neither Sophia nor Lara attend any formal dance classes at the moment, although Lara did do some ballet lessons when she was younger, but they both love to create dance sequences at home which they diligently practice and perform for us, their mini audience.  Recently, their dances have involved pom-poms, batons, ribbons and hoops, so I wonder if they will ask for more formal lessons soon.

For Lara, the effort involved in concentrating on perfecting her sequences, and attempting more challenging moves, is a great counterbalance to the lack of control she can sometimes feel over her body due to her SPD.  Here she is asking me for guidance in trying to combine a pirouette with some work with ribbons she was doing, before performing her dance for Daddy and sisters.  Seeing how hard she concentrates and the effort she puts into is a joy to watch, and she is so obviously delighted to be in charge of her body and her feelings during these few short moments.

Sophia, in contrast to her older sister, has less self-confidence and tends to be quiet with anyone outside the five of us, even when she knows them well, but her dance practice, both with Lara and creating her own sequences, helps her feel more confident.  She even performed for Nanny the other day.  Check out the 'proper' dancer poses here:

Having the right dance gear definitely helps Sophia feel more confident, so when she was sent this gorgeous frothy blue tutu, true Cinderella style, she was in her element!  The Leo Sequin Trim Bando Tutu Skirt has an impressive four layers of net and lots of sequins so it sparkles beautifully.  It also has an elasticated waistband, so one size fits from age 4 to age 12.  It is also available in pink.

Lara also chose a skirt from Dancewear Central, surprisingly also in blue, and she adores it.  A flippy chiffon skirt it is great for the modern dance style that Lara prefers as it spins and moves beautifully as she dances.  This is the Roch Valley Circular ISTD Regulation Chiffon Skirt, a truly elegant skirt that is suitable for dances classes and performances and is part of the recommended uniform for the ISTD examinations.  It's very pretty and very twirly too!
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