Sitting Room Style

We visited some friends last week who have just bought a new, ultra modern home, complete with all-white walls, bi-fold doors across the whole back wall downstairs, and entirely clutter-free.  Their kitchen was like an operating theatre!  Coming home to our own kitchen, full of clutter, appliances and piles of oh-so-important paperwork, with the children's art and craft projects adorning every wall and flat surface, was - erm - quite a contrast.  And not a good one.  I think I could definitely cope with a clutter-free white box kitchen, but a minimalist sitting room may be a step too far for me.  Theirs was kind of like this, what do you think?

 Seriously, there was one case of books, and that was it.  All white.  It made me feel quite uncomfortable to be honest.  Personally, I love having my collection of objets dotted about, walls full of pictures and photos, and books, toys and magazines everywhere.  Actually, maybe not toys everywhere, an on-going battle!!  We did have a playroom end and a sitting room end at one point, but the toys are definitely taking over!  See all that empty space below?  If we lived there that would be full of toys in about, oh, half an hour at most!

After our visit, Steve and I were talking about how we would style our home, especially the sitting room, when we - eventually! - move.  Our current one has been pretty much the same for ten years - cream with gold, maroon and wine accents, and a quick dash of vermilion for lift.  The furniture includes antique pieces inherited from my grandparents and great grandparents and, since having children, a hefty dose of IKEA storage for those endless toys (see comment above!).  I think our (my) style probably falls into the eclectic range, similar to these ideas below:

I love how these are at the modern edge of eclectic though, a nice way to combine antique and modern furniture in a stylish and elegant way.  May have to book mark these ideas for future reference...

If you are looking for guidance on how to style your sitting room, Homify has some great advice and lots of inspiring photos, in a wide variety of styles.  Of course, most of us don't have a blank canvas to start with and will be creating our ideal style around the space, and the furniture, we already have.  But there is lots of inspiration and guidance on how you can adapt what you already have to create the style you desire, whether your preferred look is...


... or something else entirely!

Personally, I'm rather tempted by this gorgeous alone spot.  I just don't know where I could put my pot of tea...

What's your sitting room style?

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