Book Review: The Mindful Mother

Becoming a mother, from the moment you tell people through to your bump showing, baby's birth, and them growing up, there is no end (seemingly ever!!) to the advice you are given.  But most of it seems to revolve around everyone else being an expert and the poor new mother being completely inept or incapable of making a decision for herself.  To find a book which invites new and expectant mothers to look inwards, to trust themselves, and to look first and foremost for advice and guidance from within, is a refreshing change. The Mindful Mother: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Enjoying Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond with Mindfulness by yoga teacher Naomi Chunilal is just such a book.

Offering guidance throughout pregnancy, labour and early motherhood, Naomi shows how clear and simple meditation and self-development practices can help you to cultivate a daily practice of mindfulness, to be present and find greater contentment and fulfilment through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Organised into clear, thematic sections, this book can be dipped into for emergency inspiration or read from cover to cover. It explores common mothering dilemmas with honesty and integrity, helping you to keep both feet firmly on the ground. It includes how to: cope with having minimal personal time and space, manage difficult in-laws, resolve maternal resistance, balance work and home, and create greater enjoyment within the sometimes tedious and frustrating daily routines of looking after a young baby or child. Most of all, the Mindful Mother shows you how to understand your true nature, so your mind is working with you, rather than against you in your new mothering role.

The first of its kind: the Mindful Mother is like an intimate and honest friend, inspiring the hearts of new mothers and mothers-to-be. This is mindfulness in action, helping you to wear your new mothering role more comfortably, and to understand yourself better in doing so. Throwing an emotional lifeline to all women who want to resolve the paradox that ‘I really love my baby and family but….” and grow through the difficult patches, to find deeper self-awareness, insight and contentment against the daily backdrop of early mothering life.

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"This is a book I highly recommend to mothers and mothers-to-be."
Janet Balaskas, Founder of the Active Birth Movement

"A book full of gems and aha moments using simple and helpful tools and practices to keep you connected to yourself whilst looking after your family."
Nadia Nahrain, Head of Pregnancy Yoga, Triyoga, London

I loved the way you can dip in and out of the book as needed, and the variety of practices covered.  The guidance to trust your instincts, be mindful, and look for answers internally not externally is a great counterpoint to modern beliefs and attitudes; highly recommended.

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