Celebrating Cinderella with Jakks Pacific

The girls received an amazing parcel last week, full of frothy fronds, and with just a hint of the glorious contents beneath...

Inside they found the answer to every little girl's dreams:

As you can see, it was tricky for me to even grab the contents for a quick photo before they were seized upon with cries of "Open this first!"  But we received a wonderful selection of Cinderella goodies from Jakks Pacific to go along with the newly released Cinderella DVD.

First up, and grasped by Sophia immediately were these divine Cinderella Enchanted Waltz Light Up Glass Slippers which sparkle with every step.  The cute little jelly shoes are filled with silver glitter and also have heels that light up with every step (batteries included).  At the toes, glittery butterflies sparkle and shine in the light, and actually 'flutter' as you walk!

Who wouldn't want these shoes?!  Luckily, we were off to a party that afternoon, so Sophia grabbed her Cinderella dress and got ready to dance the night afternoon away in her beautiful light up shoes. She LOVES them!

Luckily we were home by midnight!  Mamas, the shoes also feature an adjustable heel strap for comfort, and to keep little princesses safe from slipping in their 'heels'.

Doll-mad Sophia was also entranced by the Cinderella Toddler Doll, in her stunning gown, inspired by the iconic dress from the Disney film, and featuring an iconic scene from the film picked out in pink glitter.  She also has a gorgeous, sparkly tiara and cute little shoes to match!  She is such a well made doll, very robust and lovely for the girls to play with, with moveable arms and legs, and is also soft enough to sleep with.

Sophia and Lara both love their new dolly, and she has been out on various adventures with us, but luckily avoided the mud and the rain!  She seems happiest at home, I mean you wouldn't really want to hike in that dress would you?  Here she is about to enjoy a feast fit for a princess:

Lara loves the Disney Cinderella Fairy Godmother Enchanted Wand & Combs Set which comprises a fabulous Enchanted Light Up Wand, a beautiful silver wand that lights up at the push of a button (batteries included), and three cute little iridescent hair combs.  The wand is just like the Fairy Godmother's in the movie and Lara has been very busy prancing around turning us all into frogs and mice, and back again!

If your little girl is Cinderella-crazy, these are just the things to add to her birthday or Christmas list.  Our girls love them!!  Thanks Jakks Pacific.

All of these toys are available from leading retailers, in store and online, including The Entertainer, Very, Selfridges, Amazon, and Hamleys.

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