Celebrating Not Back to School

Now the rest of the world is back at work and school, we get the place largely to ourselves when we go out.  And what better way to celebrate than with a Not Back to School Picnic?  We are of course delighted that the sun has joined us too this week!

Our picnic was at Southsea Splash Park, with good friends Adele and Rosie.

In honour of the new Star Wars film, Sophia practised being a jawa...

Lara's swimming costume c/o Sunuva

And after drying off, we headed to a nearby park for an afternoon of play and ice creams.

This is how we celebrated Lara's Not Starting School Day last year, it's a wonderful tradition we will be more than happy to continue!

The rest of this week will see us out for more picnics and days out, at playgrounds and soft plays, and preparing for our holiday.  In between and during there's learning a-plenty, and lots and lots of fun.  Love unschooling life!

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