Eating Out With Kids: Rusty Cutter, Bedhampton near Havant (review)

We've always loved going out to eat and saw no reason when Lara was born to stop doing so, although as she turned into a more active toddler, and the other girls came along, it did necessitate finding the more family-friendly places to eat.  One chain we had never really tried was Beefeater as, being vegetarians, we thought the menu would be rather limited.  Thankfully, we discovered otherwise over the summer so, when we were invited to review the newly refurbished Rusty Cutter at Bedhampton, near Havant, recently, we delightedly obliged.  Of course, their stock-in trade is still steaks etc, but the range of vegetarian dishes on offer is very reasonable - and delicious.

We loved the new look decor, which centres around natural wood and orange, making the restaurant very modern and appealing.  The Rusty Cutter also has lots of windows making it a bright, open space, even on a grey day.  We were surprised at how busy it was on a Wednesday lunchtime, they must be doing something very right there!  With everyone from pensioners to young families with babies enjoying their lunch.  The girls felt very welcome and soon got stuck in with balloons and little Mr Men colouring and activity books, which they all enjoyed.

The children's menu was also branded Mr Men and Little Miss, and was interesting and appealing for little people.  Great value, too.  They can choose a main course for £4.49, two courses for £5.49, or three for £5.99.  All come with squash, or other drinks are available from £1.60 each.

There were four choices of starter and ten possible mains, although the only veggie ones were the usual pasta, pizza, sausages.  Sophia chose the nachos and Lara, the garlic bread, although we opted to have everything at once so they could mix and match bits.

For the three girls, we ordered two children's main courses and one adult's main, the Chargrilled Vegetable & Tomato Linguine, which they happily shared.  The tomato sauce for the kids' pasta was surprisingly tasty, and the pasta wasn't at all flabby and overdone as it can often be in other places.  The adult's pasta dish was delicious too, with a lovely array of vegetables, and a decent punch of spice, which was pleasant rather than overbearing.  Tatiana is our spice fiend and tucked in to the adult's pasta in preference to everything else!

Steve and I both went for the Quorn Burger - and beer! - which was delicious, served with a slice of Monterey Jack cheese and a griddled red pepper, as well as a smoky tomato salsa and seasoned fries.  Yum!  Great value at £8.78 (daytime menu price) as well.

We all really enjoyed our lunch, which came in at just over £50 for all five of us.  Pleasant surroundings, great service, and delicious food = a win-win for us!  Here are some of our happy customers:

Lara was particularly impressed with her achievement of fashioning an extra long straw to drink her water with...

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