Planning Future Holidays

We haven't yet taken the girls abroad, but have lots of plans afoot for when we get around to it.  Over the summer months I've seen lots of Facebook photos of little people on beaches, mostly around the Med, but I'm just not sure our girls would be happy with that for a whole week, or two.  Living on the south coast we spend a lot of time on the beach, all year round, but I'm not sure we could spend 7 whole days sitting on a beach or around a pool.  I've just been looking at this Beach vs City app and trying to work out where would be a great location for their first overseas holiday, we need somewhere with beach/pool but plenty to explore too.  Preferably with a big dose of history too!

As a reformed, or should that be reined in, traveller, I have many photos and mementoes of my trips to Thailand, New Zealand and more, and the girls are well used to hearing the stories behind objects and pictures in our home. They are also, of course, surrounded by all things Russian, and are full of ideas of places they want to visit and things they want to do when we go there (one day!). Perhaps it is because all this travel is so normal to them that Lara and Sophia each have their own list of places they want to visit. Their top 5s currently stand at:

Lara: Africa, Istanbul, Italy, France, Thailand

Sophia: Egypt, Paris, Australia. Greece, Granada

Not bad for a five year old and a three year old! I can remember making a similar list when I was a bit older than they are now; the only one I haven’t got to yet is Antarctica. I hope we can start crossing some places off their lists soon.

I’m always fascinated when the girls ask to specifically visit a city or a historical site and suchlike as it seems so un-childlike to my conventionally-schooled ears. But both of them are always interested in visiting new cities, and historical sites and buildings are always fascinating to them. Sophia is desperate to see the stone circles at Avebury and Stonehenge, so we have an autumnal trip planned, and Lara is fascinated by the Yerebatan Sarnıç in Istanbul, which has opened up the whole topic of Roman engineering, water storage and more.  After all, this is the whole principle of Unschooling in action!

Whether it’s Africa for the animals, France for the food (both Lara), or Granada, Paris and Egypt for the architecture (Sophia), the places they want to visit hold strong appeal in terms of their interests. I really can’t imagine that either Lara or Sophia would get much out of sitting on a beach for a week, just like Mummy and Daddy. Even on our honeymoon we were more interested to get out and about to different historical sites and places of interest, than to sit by a beach all day! But whether your interest is beach getaways or city breaks, you’re sure to find the perfect holiday in Beach or City.

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