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Baby feet are possibly the cutest things in the world, tiny toes and so soft and smooth.  Best encased only in loose socks, they seem to grow exponentially in those first months, ready for when balance, co-ordination and muscle tone combine to get that little person up on their feet and taking a few wobbly steps.  Indoors, the best shoes for tiny feet are none at all, as being barefoot means those tiny toes can grip the floor, and her feet will get a total workout.  But what about when toddlers start walking outside?   Those little feet will definitely need to be protected then.

Once your baby starts getting around on her own two feet in the great outdoors, she needs flexible soles, cushioned footbeds for extra cushioning, and lots of room for growing toes to spread into.  The new exclusive Walkmates range from M&S offers just that and meets all the needs of newly walking, growing feet.  Thanks to its foot-friendly designs, the range has even been endorsed by The College of Podiatry.

Of course, when it comes to shoes, especially for children, fit, form and function is more important than looks and fashion, but why sacrifice style when you can have that too?  With practical designs, high quality materials, and great details like easy to put on and take off rip-tape fastenings, the Walkmates collection not only look good, but feel great, and stand up to a host of adventures too.  The flexible, slip-resistant rubber soles will increase walking confidence, and the shoes are lightweight enough to wear all day long when the great outdoors is calling!

They even have a handy lift out inner with measurements to check your toddler's shoe size.  But remember that feet can vary by as much as half a size, so always fit to the larger size.  Toddlers tend to curl their toes under, so make sure she is stood upright with flat toes when you measure, and always measure with socks on.  And keep in mind that those feet grow very, very quickly, so make sure you check the measurements and fit of their shoes regularly.  There should be about half an inch (an adult's thumb width) between the end of your toddlers toes and the tip of the shoe.  At the heel, the shoe should not look loose or slip up and down.  Get down to floor level and watch your toddler walk around to check.

Expect to buy new shoes every two to three months for the first few walking years, and never use second-hand shoes, even between your own children as all feet are shaped differently.  Don't be tempted to go a little larger to try to get a few extra months of wear out of new shoes as shoes that are too big can be as damaging to feet as those that are too small, they can even be unsafe too.  Avoid trends like pointy toes, clogs or any high fashion styling and go for practical, comfortable footwear always - just like the Walkmates range.  But do let any budding fashionistas have some choice on style too!

The Walkmates Autumn collection is available in store and online at M&S now.

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