8 Weeks To Go and the Wish Lists Are Filling Up!

8 weeks to go, 56 'sleeps'.  Thankfully, I can finally give Lara some kind of understandable timeframe for Christmas!  When you are 5 and your mother comes home in July with bags full of mince pies, Christmas decorations and wonderful gifts, understanding that the longed-for visit from the man in red is still months away is hard work.  Cue excited cries of 'is it Christmas yet?' for four long months.  Yes baby, at long, long last it kind of is.  What's on your list?

In fact, the girls are so delighted that there is finally Christmas stuff in the shops, and we are all talking and planning for the season, that their Christmas wish lists are already half-written.  Lara is having a bit of a 1970s Christmas with vintage Sindy doll toys and vintage LEGO sets winging their way from a variety of eBay sellers to our door.  She is also desperate to learn to sew so I was delighted to find this fun set, ironically very similar to one I remember having - '70s Christmas again ;-)

Sophia's current favourites are Mike the Knight and Snow White, so anything involving either of them is sure to go down very well.  She has also asked for more Sylvanian Families, Shopkins and Playmobil sets, so we can find lots of things for her with those generalisations.  Top of her list though is a balance bike, like this one from the Outdoor Toys range at House of Fraser.

Tatiana is easier to buy for this year than last.  She'll be two just before Christmas, so has her own definite likes and dislikes now, and has even asked for some things.  She fell hook, line and sinker for a forest animals Duplo set we saw at Legoland, and on our Butlins holiday last month, she spent ages pushing one of these Little Tikes lawnmowers around.

So between vintage buys and modern choices, I think we're sorted for inspiration.  Now we just need to get deliveries organised, find time to wrap, and I might have Christmas sorted by mid-November.  Here's hoping, anyway...

What's on your children's wish lists this year?

All (modern) toys available from House of Fraser

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  1. With Ben being 2 he's a bit too young to write a Christmas list. But he loves Cars the movie, and also car toys, so that's the general theme, with some role play and learning toys thrown in as well.


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