What do you do when your beloved dog dies and your dad is an inventor?  Well, in Hollywoodland he creates a new Robo-dog for you, of course!

Having been working on a technologically advanced 'super battery', when Tyler's dad gets the sack and his son's dog tragically dies, he combines the two circumstances to create the one of a kind, Robo-dog.  The amazing mechanical canine has many new abilities and talents, such as running and jumping incredibly fast and high, barking at alarming decibels, and the ability to speak!  He even has a vacuum-cleaning bottom!

Tyler is initially sceptical about his new replacement pet, and reluctant to teach him how to be a real dog with all the stick-fetching, ball-catching, face-licking moments that that involves, not to mention some canine-style bottom-focussed socialisation...  Robo-dog is appalled at what his live counterparts have to do to be normal, but one characteristic he does have is a dog's loyalty to and love for his family.  So when the nefarious Mr Willis, his dad's former employer, starts hatching plans, Robo-dog does his utmost to thwart them, or expire trying...

This is a fun-filled family adventure with plenty of bark, just be careful with very young children as there are some scenes (e.g. opening up Robo-dog's side panel) that they may struggle with.  Sophia, nearly 4, didn't like this.  There is also a sub-plot of Tyler trying to hook up with the girl next door for an innocent cupcake shop date, which may not be OK for all parents.  All in all, this cute kids' movie is a truly heart-warming ‘tail’ for all the family, featuring a VERY cute dog, a super-nice family, and lots of fun action.  Just beware of the pleas for a dog after your children have watched it... mine haven't stopped!!

ROBO-DOG stars Patrick Muldoon (Starship Troopers, Stigmata) Olivia D’abo (The Wonder Years, Law and Order), Michael Campion (The Great Zombini) and Wallace Shawn (The Double, The Princess Bride).  It is available on DVD from today, October 19th, 2015, and we have been given two copies to give away!

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