Green Teas for Winter

Christmas has its vegetables (Brussel sprouts). Christmas has its dish (turkey). Christmas has its drink (mulled wine. Baileys. Irish coffee. Harvey's Bristol Cream. OK, it has several). Christmas has its pudding (you know, Christmas pudding). But Christmas does not have its tea. And why not?

Christmas cosiness is all about curling up by a roaring fire (or radiator as the case may be), and settling down with a good book or film (traditionally The Great Escape, but this is a little more flexible in the post-Netflix era) with a lovely warm cup of..... and here it gets a little bit hazy. But there are some amazing artisanal teas out there to be found, tried and savoured.

Here are 3 wonderful green teas, perfect for those Christmassy moments:

Dragon Well Organic

This bright uplifting green tea - also known as Lung Ching or Long Jin - is one of the most iconic teas to be found in all of China. As well as being enjoyed by ordinary Chinese tea lovers the length and breadth of the country (those are quite some dimensions!), it is famous for being the tea of choice when it comes to presenting visiting ambassadors and leaders. But as well as its emblematic status, Dragon Well Organic is valued for its deep yet lifting flavours; perfect for the evening after a heavy meal (what are the chances of that happening at Christmas time?).

Supreme Japanese Sencha

Soft and calming, this Japanese classic comes from one of the most renowned tea-growing regions of all Japan. Nutrient-rich it may be, but its real delights are in the fact of its relax-inducing charms - ideal for when the kids have gone to bed, or during that welcome come down that might often occur following such excitement as present unwrapping (or the Queen's speech?).

Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha

Matcha tea - there's a reason why it's the ceremonial tea of Japan, where groups of five or six colleagues might typically spend up to four or more hours carefully observing the matcha tea drinking ritual. This ground, radiant tea is pure pleasure in a cup. Perhaps it's perfect for Christmas, perhaps it's perfect for any time of the year, but what can't be denied is its creamy-soft texture, and silky-nectre aromas and flavours.

So curl up with that book, light that fire, and get down to the business of enjoying Christmas and all those other wintery evenings with some deliciously good tea.

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