Our Butlins Holiday, September 2015

Last month we went to Butlins for one of their Just for Tots breaks, perfect for under and just over fives.  The girls love it there, especially the Tots weeks, and we often pop in for the day, but the luxury of staying for four nights was beyond exciting for them!

We stayed at the Bognor Regis site (which we can actually see out of our bedroom window at home!), so that we could make the most of everything, and not even remotely feel the need to go out anywhere.  This meant it was a full-on week of shows, activities, rides and fun.  They loved it!!

On the rainiest mornings, we made crafts, played with Play-doh, built forts, played and watched films indoors at the activity centres.  But luckily the sun didn't stay hidden for too long.

One of the girls' favourite spots is the Little Tikes Town where a racetrack for older kids is given over to a vast selection of Little Tikes cars, houses, ride-ons etc.  All three of them love that, and race round and round, role-playing stories and practising all the social niceties of driving!  We were there every day for at least an hour, come rain or shine!

One of Tatia's favourite things was climbing up on to the bridge and waving at everyone.

Otherwise, she was busy rocking some cute styles, mainly summer clothes re-purposed with layers and boots for the on and off weather we had in September.

Our little hotel aficionados enjoyed being in our room at the Shoreline too, and loved hanging out on the bunk-beds, although they didn't sleep in them!  Lara and Sophia had packed their own suitcases too, and loved being able to unpack and arrange their clothes in the hotel.

There was even a rug to spin round and round on, perfect for teeny toddlers!

The highlight for Sophia was seeing her beloved 'Nike a Nike' (Mike the Knight) every day.  She absolutely adores him.  We watched the shows, met Mike and Evie walking in and out, waved, high-fived, and had photos taken.  She was beside herself!

Here's Sophia's very first photo with Mike the Knight when she was five months old:

And her most recent photo with him, aged three and a half:

Rain or no rain, we had a brilliant week, and best of all we did lots of smiling :-)

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