Review: Trolley Bags - Protect the Environment AND Avoid the 5p Carrier Bag Tax

Have you managed to remember your bags for every shopping trip last week?  We failed on Monday, yep the very first day of charging.  Just as well we needed bin bags!  Luckily, we and you needn't be stood at the checkout sans bags ever again, as we have not one, but three, sets of revolutionary new shopping bag system, Trolley Bags to give away.

This innovative invention features a set of four colour-coded bags which velcro together and can be unfurled across the trolley when you're ready to pack them at the checkout.  Until then, they sit neatly rolled up into themselves and hung on the trolley hook.  As my young assistant demonstrates:

Using the baby seat means you need to stow the bags elsewhere in the trolley until you need them, but as you can see they don't take up much room in the end of your trolley either.  If you can get past that cheesy grin anyway...

If you scan your shop as you go, just pop everything into your bags as you go round.  Otherwise, at the checkout, pop everything on the conveyor belt, open up your bag quartet, spread them across the trolley, and you're good to sort and pack as you go.  We tucked the smaller bag into the front section of the trolley and it fitted fine, easily fitting all those essential wine and juice bottles.

(Husband and small people not included in giveaway.)

The Trolley Bags sit upright independently in the trolley to allow fast, hassle-free sorting, packing and unloading.  Not only are the bags lightweight, strong and endlessly reusable, but they are substantial in size too:

The colour-coded bags make sorting your shopping a breeze - no more trying to control what goes along the conveyor belt, when, and getting in a flap.  Just put it through any which way and sort after its been zapped, into cupboard/fridge/bread bin/freezer/cleaning or whatever you need.  Just remember to keep the bulky, light items to the bigger bags, and the heaviest items to the smaller bags.

Then, when you get to the car, just separate the four bags and transfer each to the boot of your car, always by the handles not by the top bars.  The bags can also be removed form the plastic bars and hand-washed when needed too.  Such a marvellous idea!  We easily fitted a big shop in the bags, and found it so simple and easy to use.

Here's a video from Trolley Bags showing how it all works:

Trolley Bags are available to buy in the UK, Ireland, Europe, the US, Australia and New Zealand.

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