Sponsored Video: Who Needs a Holiday When You Can Just Give Your Kid a Phone?

On a visit to the New Forest recently, we returned to our car after a lovely walk and picnic, and started to load everything into the boot and get the girls settled in the car.  Around us many other families were doing the same thing, but what we hadn't noticed until our friend pointed it out was that almost all of them were also setting up in-car DVD players or tablets for their children to look at in the back seat.  We were in the middle of one of the most beautiful areas of England, a national park full of trees, wildlife (ponies, deer etc), and beautiful views, yet all those children were going to be gazing at electronics rather than gazing out of their windows!  Extraordinary.

So when we saw this video from the Spanish design-led car brand, SEAT, this week, it seemed highly relevant!  The first in a series of fun, quirky and slightly tongue-in-cheek animated cartoons, it is entitled "Family Experience #24: Who needs a holiday when you can just give your kid a phone?"

The video features a modern family, with poor dad desperately trying to get his kids to notice the beauty surrounding them, whilst they have their faces stuck in their smartphones.  As a last resort, he sends the children an image of the beautiful sunset right in front of them as a text message.  This grabs their attention, briefly, but they quickly go back to playing games on their phones.  Not to mention the effect all those radio waves have on the resident bird population...

SEAT are currently celebrating their new Leon X-PERIENCE family estate car, a family-oriented four-wheel-drive estate car, which becomes another member of the family.  It offers loads of space plus stylish design and a host of features, and makes the perfect companion for a fun family day out - as long as everyone can stay away form their phones for long enough to communicate and appreciate their surroundings!

The SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE is available now, priced from £24,920 on the road. Please visit: www.seat.co.uk for more information.

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