The Day (Decade?) Politeness Died

What's going on with modern life?  Not just the twin idols of social media and celebrity, in which everyone feels the need to share every aspect of life with all and sundry, and the moniker 'celebrity' is affixed to any Tom, Dick or Harry who appears for 5 seconds in a reality TV show, or pops up in a soap opera.  I mean the day to day, every day, interactions between ordinary folk.  Are we nice to each other, do we offer a friendly smile and a helping hand?  Or quite the opposite?

You drive down the street and see a car waiting for ages to come out of a junction, so you disobey the Highway Code and let them out.  How often do they say thank you?

And if you hold a door open or stand aside to let someone by?

You pop into buy petrol or a paper, does the shopkeeper greet you?  Do they say thank you?

In cafes and restaurants, how often are the staff friendly, how often do they engage in pleasantries?

The supermarket checkout person?  The bus driver?  Any of the dozens of other people you interact with in any given week?

OTT 'have a nice day' American-style service may not be quite the British way, but why can't everyone just be a little bit friendlier?  A bit nicer?  A bit more polite?

Myself, I vacillate between being ultra jolly and friendly in the face of such adversity, or doing the very British muttering under my breath 'and thanks to you too' thing.

We shrug the rudeness off, but things have definitely changed.  People have become a lot less polite.  Thankfully, the majority are still pleasant, nice, polite.  But that pesky minority is getting bigger.

What's the answer?

What do you do in the face of all this impoliteness?  Do you think things are getting worse?

Cue cute kitten picture to cheer us all up:

Miaow, just be nice!


Just as this was scheduled to publish this morning, we had a heck of weekend!  More impoliteness:

This weekend was full of driving, much of the time with some go-faster demon a millimetre away from my bumper, flashing his lights.  Obviously 70mph+ isn't fast enough, they're just SO busy...

At an event we attempted to go to, a security guard (and his colleagues) was incredibly rude to Lara and I, so we left.  Life's too short.

I just don't get it.  Without sounding too schmaltzy Miss World, why can't we all just be nicer to each other?!

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