Trying to Explain Sensory Processing Disorder #SPD

Lara has been having a hard time again recently, so we have found ourselves trying to explain to friends and family why she acts the way she does.  It's hard.  This video helps a little:

This post and infographic from North Shore Pediatric is also useful, but doesn't explain how the sensory issues play out in every day life, how the continual stress and frustration Lara feels can make her act so crazily, and blow up or have meltdowns so easily.  Even we can't explain that, and it's incredibly hard to live with.

What can I tell you about SPD?  It's unpredictable.  It's horrible.  Living with it is really, really hard work.  And living with a child who has it and doesn't understand why she reacts and feels the way she does is even harder.

Sometimes, like right now, I wonder if we're strong enough to help her cope, to manage her reactions and to keep our family going.  I wonder if I'm strong enough to keep going, carrying everyone else along with me.  Weeks and months like this are so difficult, but the 10 of us stick together, we make do.  We cancel everything, batten down the hatches and cling on, hoping enough love and patience will get us through.  Together.

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  1. I feel your pain. My second daughter struggles hugely and there are times I just wish I could 'fix' her! Sometimes all is ok and I wonder if it's all in my head but others it's so blatant I spend my days trying to protect her (and us) from circumstances that may agrivate a reaction!

  2. My 5yo has this and right now we're having a hard time with it like he's gone backwards when he's just his normal self really having days or months where he's more intense than others. You can do this hang in there xx


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