Christmas Decorating Theme: Princess Pink

One of the more unusual themes at the shows this year was a sweet, romantic pink.  Not everyone's taste maybe, but if you're in charge of the decs, maybe you can indulge in this girly style.  It also works beautifully with silver and white (coming soon), and touches like this gorgeous heart could fit in with your other colour schemes too.  Have a look...

Pink glass heart, Poundland

All, Poundland

Reindeer gift bag, Poundland

Glittery butterfly, Tesco

Confetti-filled baubles, Poundland

All, Tesco

Pink pearl glass bauble, Tesco

Selection of cards, Tesco

Large glass dome, Tesco


Gift bags, Tesco

Owls and decorations, Poundland

And if you just want to dip into the pink trend, how about this cute mini tree from Wilko?

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  1. Oh I think I might sneak some of those baubles on the Christmas tree! They are so pretty x


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