Guest Post: Looking Beautiful With A Bump

Today we have the second of our informative guest posts from Colour Me Beautiful for you.  Thanks for all your lovely feedback on the last post about AW15 trends, we're glad you enjoyed it.  This month, Anna offers invaluable advice on dressing a growing bump in style as well as comfort.  Many women relish their pregnancy days, but an awful lot of us struggle to dress our new body shape too.  Here's Anna's advice on how to do it in style!

Being pregnant will give most women some new challenges in the wardrobe de-partment. Your body shape and weight will alter over the months and there will be emotional highs and lows due to all the hormone changes taking place.

To feel confident during this exciting time, a little thought for what you choose to wear will make this a more pleasurable experience.

Here are colour me beautiful’s top tips for navigating pregnancy dressing style…

Start with the Basics

To ensure pregnancy doesn’t take a toll on your bust, it is important to be fitted regularly for a bra over the coming months, as your bust size will definitely increase.

Early Days

Most women are able to keep wearing their ‘regular’ clothes during the first trimester of pregnancy but may still want to conceal a slightly fuller tummy until the first 12 weeks have passed.
• Opt for shirts, cardigans, empire-style dresses and tops that will accommodate these changes.
• Trousers and skirts can be left undone a little providing this doesn’t alter the way they hang.
• Shorter dresses and tunics look great over leggings and will be super comfortable!

Blooming Days

As your bump grows and you look more obviously pregnant you will need to purchase a few key pieces that will take you through the coming months. When selecting maternity clothes stick to your ‘normal’ size and don’t be tempted to swamp yourself in lots of fabric. Choose well-fitting trousers or jeans that will accommodate your bump and wrap or empire line dresses with some stretch.

Keep Things Colourful!

There will be times when your energy levels will sink; colour will give you the boost that you need, as well as making you look healthier and fitter. If you haven’t al-ready had your colours done treat yourself to a little pampering (there won’t be much time once baby arrives!) and book a colour consultation with your local colour me beautiful stylist.

Anna Mewes
Marketing Manager, colour me beautiful

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