How Much Is Your Sight Worth? #ValueOfSight #spon

We learnt last week that Steve's mum has cataracts developing in her eyes, and will probably need to have an operation to correct her sight later on.  She is understandably frightened at the prospect of losing the sight in one or both eyes, but thankfully, living in the UK, she knows that the NHS will help her.  Unfortunately, this straightforward and relatively cheap operation isn't available to many people in the world's poorest countries, and there are currently 18 million people blind because of cataracts.  A 10 minute operation to restore their sight would cost just £30!

Sightsavers' appeal, #MillionMiracles, aims to fund a million sight-saving cataract operations at a cost of £30 each.  Most of us spend £30 a week on nothing - take out coffee twice a day; a Friday night takeaway; an extra Christmas present for someone, just because.  What if you could use that £30 to give someone back the gift of sight?  Surely foregoing a week of coffee, a takeaway, or an extra Christmas pressie is worth that?!

Confession time: I just spent that on eBay buying stocking fillers for the girls.  How much more useful would it have been to send that money to SightSavers?!

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you lost the power of sight?  What would you miss out on?  How would your life be different?

Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine going about your day.  How much of what you do would still be possible if you couldn’t see?  Who or what would you miss seeing the most?  Your partner, your children, flowers, sunshine, the sea?  I can't imagine not seeing my girls' faces every day, watching their awe and wonder at the world, and seeing their love for me shine in their eyes when they look at me.  I can't imagine not seeing the sea every day, and the flowers growing on our balcony.  What would I pay to keep my sight?  Certainly more than £30!

Laurinda sees her daughter Telma for the very first time

Sightsavers asked three people to see what living with cataracts is like, with horrifying results.  It  also follows the journey of Laurinda from Mozambique, who has lost her sight in both eyes but, thanks to a life-changing operation by Sightsavers, can now see her children again, and look after her family.  In the video, she finally gets to see her one year old daughter, Telma, for the very first time.  A beautiful moment.

To be honest, like the people who experienced cataracts for one day in the film, you'd probably give anything to save your vision, wouldn't you?  Imagine just how frustrating it would be if the condition that caused your sight loss was completely treatable, but medical help was beyond your reach.  How ridiculous is that?

But all of us have the power to help someone living with sight loss caused by cataracts.  For just £30.

If this video makes you stop and think, please share it with your friends, and donate to Sightsavers today.  Make this your extra Christmas present - your £30 will completely change someone's life!

Of course, if you can't manage £30, why not club together with friends, or just give what you can.  You could even set up a monthly direct debit.  Just look at what a difference your money can make:

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