Refurbishing Your Small Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, you might think that you are limited as to what you can do should you be thinking of refurbishing it. There are a number of different things that you can do in terms of decorating that will make your small kitchen appear bigger. For example, choosing the right tile is so important. It is amazing how different materials can make a difference to the feel of the room. Another thing that you must take into consideration is whether you have a family, and the tiles will need to stand up to high demand. Different materials require different attention, and there is no point having a tile installed that makes your kitchen look much bigger, if the maintenance is too much.

Tiles are ideal in the kitchen, particularly small ones, and should be considered if you are refurbishing your kitchen. They are easy to clean, a lot of them are waterproof, or are suitable to use around water once they have been sealed, and they are much more hygienic that carpet, or other walling materials. Not only that, but they are modern, and the huge choice of materials mean that you can design your kitchen around your needs and desires.

In small kitchens, it is all about giving the impression of more space. Smaller tiles on both the wall and floor will create a good flow. Using large tiles in limited space will just make them look too big for the size of the room, giving the impression that it is even smaller than it is. Paler colours are good at reflecting the light, again, giving the impression of a bigger area; however, unlike popular belief, it is advisable to actually stay away from pure white. Instead, opt for a light grey or cream colour. Don’t let your kitchen run the risk of becoming boring though. Mosaic tiles are becoming increasingly popular, and are available in most materials. Use these in the spaces between cupboards, and on your backsplash to create a contrasting area. This is your time to add your personality; whether it is with a bright colour, or a contrasting pattern.

Finally, you have to choose your material. Quartz is incredibly popular. Its high shine finish will be perfect in small areas, along with the mirror particles which will reflect the light, giving the illusion of a larger room. They are also incredibly hygienic and stain resistant, and because of the resin content of the tiles, they do not require sealing prior to being fitted. They require very little maintenance, and will not lose their shine. The downside to Quartz is that is can be slightly more costly than other materials and is best suited to a bigger budget. Ceramic and Porcelain are more wallet friendly, and just as ideal for use in the kitchen. They do not have the added bonus of mirror particles, and have slightly less of a shine; however, they are very low maintenance, and are available in a huge range of sizes and colours.

Don’t let a small kitchen restrict your refurbishment. The above is just a few simple tile tricks that will give the illusion of a much bigger space, whilst still being fun and on-trend.

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