Sponsored Video: No More Sick Days with Domestos #WorldToiletDay

No riots or rampaging crowds this Black Friday thankfully, but it is still predicted that we will spend £3.49bn in the UK this weekend.  What an obscene amount of money!  Imagine what that amount of money could do to rectify the world's ills.  Of course that's a lot of people spending a relatively small amount of money.  And, as a chef to the super rich pointed out on television last night, just a few people could sort things out tomorrow if they wanted to.

Yet, the disparity between rich and poor continues to grow, and there are still 2.4 billion people in the world who don’t have access to basic sanitation.  World Toilet Day was launched 15 years ago to raise awareness of the global sanitation crisis, and to hopefully make a difference.

Children in the developing world still lack access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.  Without access to proper sanitation, preventable illnesses such as diarrhoea can spread quickly, and means children have 443 million sick days a year which impact on their education.  That's the same as every child in Britain missing school for 3 months.  This means classrooms are empty, textbooks unread, schools deserted.  All because of unsanitary toilet conditions.  Only 47% of schools in the developing world have adequate sanitation facilities.

Water and sanitation-related diseases are some of the major causes of death in children under five worldwide.  Children also suffer from malnutrition and stunted growth because of these diseases.  Other problems include women being shamed and abused, physically and verbally, because there is nowhere safe and private for them to go to the toilet.  Going to the toilet in the open, they risk attack, rape and harassment.

Domestos has been involved with the World Toilet Day campaign since 2009, and they are working with UNICEF to provide access to safe, clean sanitation, and they are making a difference.  Over 1.3 million people have been reached through behaviour change sanitation programmes, and half of these have been provided access to clean and safe sanitation.  But the campaign continues.

Supporting World Toilet Day is just one of the actions that Domestos is taking to contribute to the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan’s target of helping 25 million people get access to basic sanitation by 2020.

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