Breakfast with Father Christmas at Wyevale Garden Centres

We were recently invited to have breakfast with Father Christmas at our local Wyevale Garden Centre.  We arrived at 10am to receive a vegetarian breakfast each, with festive crackers and decorations, which the girls were delighted with.  I mean, Christmas crackers at breakfast!  They were also delighted to be permitted bottled drinks at such a time of day, usually a no-no.

Party hats on, they tucked into their veggie breakfasts.

After breakfast, we went to see Father Christmas who chatted to the girls, gave them some gold chocolate coins each, and asked them to choose a present.  There was a wide selection to choose from including art and craft kits, dolls, cars and more.

Sophia chose a large green car which she was delighted with, Tatiana chose a tub of plastic dinosaur figures, and Lara asked for a doll, although there was big decision-making between the yellow one and the purple one!

At £7.99 each for the adult breakfast and £9.99 for each child, including FC visit and present, Wyevale's breakfast with Father Christmas is good value for money.  The girls really enjoyed their visit.

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