Can't Find a Job Without Experience - Now What?

“You need experience to find a job, but you need a job for experience.” Is fast becoming an age-old joke and truth for many college graduates.

Countless college students across the world will soon be asking this question as well. Really now – if all jobs require experience, how can you get that first job when the only experience you have is your degree?

However, you’re not alone in this struggle. Remember that everyone begins with no prior experience. Let’s say you graduated with an English degree (which many would think “useless.”) It may not translate instantly to an applicable focus job the same way some degree like accounting might do, but it shows that you have high-skill levels in English communication, creativity, and analytical thinking – skills that will be a great value in many types of business.

Based on the educational and professional choices you choose right now, your “useless” degree can be the stepping stone to anything from journalism to law to technical writing (copywriting) and even teaching.

It’s easy to feel intimidated when you’re just out of college and discovering a career path to establish your life. It’s truthfully frustrating to look for a job without much work experience, but with a lot of ambition, lost is hard work, and confidence in yourself, it CAN happen.

Sometimes it’s the economy

Let’s face it. The economy is bad, and bad economy means lesser opportunities even for promising talents. Signing on isn’t the primary resort of the unmotivated and unskilled; it’s a feature of a struggling economy. As a country’s market suffers, an alarming number of well-educated 20-somethings find themselves underemployed and even worse – unemployed.

Making it through volunteering

While volunteering to a service might not be the perfect job you’re looking for, it can help you develop your skills, find out everything you need to know about the things you care about and give you important contacts in the field you want to work.

This might even give you the push you need to get started in your career and check you out of Dad and Mum’s bank. Here’s the benefits of volunteering:

• Boost your skills. Basic things you might pick up on a placement include leadership, organization, teamwork, and research skills – all of which are very attractive to employers.

• You’ll become more employable. When you volunteer, you’re actually getting real-life work experience.

• Development as a person and not just in career. You’ll pick up confidence and learn new ways to accomplish your work.

• Helping. Sacrificing your time, experience, and skills can make a big difference to other people’s lives.

Helping. Donating your time, skills and experience can make a huge difference to other people’s lives
Considering that you’ve enjoyed volunteering and perhaps would like to do it full time while getting a professional payment, then you can easily attain a diploma of counselling from BCA National that will give you all the necessary right skills that are useful in many types of positions where you need to deal with others in a professional and caring way. Studying to become a counsellor is an interesting and fulfilling way of giving back to a community or working environment.

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