Christmas Organisation: Fill Your Freezer #recipes

If you've been following our Christmas Organisation guides, you'll know that the coming week is the time to get your menus finalised and start stocking that freezer.  I loathe spending too much time shopping and cooking between Christmas and New Year, there are always far more interesting things to do instead, even if it's just slumping on the sofa with the girls and a great DVD.  But there are only so many scratch dinners you can make from leftovers, salads and cheese, without feeling that you need some 'proper' food.  So I like to spend a few hours early in December prepping some meals for the freezer, ready to be pulled out and shoved in the oven as required.

This year I've made:

The chilli, tagine and soup freeze well in large leakproof plastic boxes (we love Sistema), the burgers need to have small pieces of greaseproof paper between them and then be wrapped and tin foil, and for the larger dishes we love these foil containers and lids from Just Catering Supplies.  The joy of these dishes is that they stack in one corner of the freezer drawer and don't take up much space at all.  With these eight meals stashed away in the freezer, and all the usual Christmas food, we're pretty much covered from Christmas Eve till New Year's Day, with only a minimal amount of work.  And, joy of joys, I can avoid setting foot in a supermarket for all that time!  Bliss.

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