Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Active

We all know that staying active is important. Encouraging our children to peel themselves off the couch and move a bit makes a huge difference to their long-term health.

The more active they are when they are young the more likely it is that they will grow into healthy adults, and continue to enjoy exercise as they age. Forming good exercise habits at a young age is a gift that keeps on giving for the rest of your kid’s life.

Here are some simple ways for you to introduce more activity into your child’s life, and turn them into exercise fans.

Start young

The sooner you start the better. Taking your children out to the park, each week, gets them used to being outdoors. It builds their immune system, and is great for you too.

Try to take a family stroll every weekend. Once they are old enough, your kids can get out of their pushchair to enjoy the walk and play.

Go swimming

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise for both you and your child. Your baby can get in a pool straight away, but you should wait for about six weeks after the birth before swimming. This is because the physical trauma of birth can leave you more prone to picking up an infection. You are more at risk if you experienced tearing or underwent a caesarean.

This is not a big problem because it gives dad the chance to take the lead and to be the person to introduce your child to swimming. A baby swim class is the best approach. The water is warmer, and the pool is smaller.

Get on your bikes

Another fun way to get everyone active is to go cycling together. Once your child can sit up independently you have the option to buy them a cycle helmet and put them in a seat on your bike
This gives them the chance to get used to the movement of a bike and learn about balance. It is a good way of building up enthusiasm for cycling. When they are old enough, buy them a balance bike or trike and take them to the park.

From there they can graduate to their own road bike. When they are older and stronger, they can get involved in more challenging cycling sports like mountain biking. At this stage, you can buy everything you need from Radial Cycles, the online bike shop that specialises in activity cycling equipment.

Use your garden

If you have a garden, set aside some of it for the kids to play. Having space to kick a ball, practice basketball shooting, play swing ball or enjoy trampolining makes a big difference. They are all great ways for your child to let off steam, burn energy and de-stress. Even playing on a swing provides a valuable form of exercise that does not require your supervision.

As you can see introducing activity into your child’s life is easy, and it is a great way to make sure you stay active yourself.

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