Top Home Trends for Spring Summer 2016

Despite not being talked about in the press as much as the fashion trends, the new interiors style choices and colours arguably affect us more as the fashion year turns.  Most of us wear a combination of classic stalwarts and favourites, with a modern, fashion twist or partnering piece, but the places we go, the things we buy for our homes (or other people's), and the way we update our living space is increasingly more style-led.  Here are the top homeware trends for SS16, including the much anticipated Pantone colours of the season...

A Muted Pastel Palate

Colours are a bit washed out, with muted pastels being the order of the day in many shows.  Paler dusty pinks, greys, blues, even greens and yellows all have a chalky feel, with a lift of slightly brighter hues in tiny touches.  Soothing and subtle, this is a pleasing palate with just enough modernity to it.  Print is abstract or organic, with small-scale pattern and muted tones, especially lilacs.

Personalisation is Key

Pattern tends to be low key and evolved rather than structured and design-led.  There is also a trend for personalised wallpaper and other forms of self-actualisation in the living space.  Why buy off the peg when you can create your own and add a personal touch.  There is an almost childlike quality to objects, and creative art and craft classes will be key to creating, both for the home and for gift-giving.

The Fine Line Between Natural and Minimal

Most of us cannot achieve and do not want minimalism, but pared down lines and smooth surfaces we can live with.  SS16 is about balance of colour, design and pattern, and no more so than in the seemingly impossible combination of naturalism and minimalism.  But somehow it works, just as juxtaposing great granny's antiques with pale walls and minimal Danish furniture does.  Neutral bases are enhanced by natural elements such as wood, glass, wool, cotton and metal.

Embracing Technology

Art and science combine within modern technology to create polymer-based works of art, from vases and statues to wall art.  This is where brighter colours will be seen, as an adjunct to the paler interior style.  Splashes of bright yellow, peacock greens and blues, and darker dramatic purples and indigos.  There is even a space-agey element which will contrast sharply with the natural organicity of the other interior trends.

You can see the full Pantone colours for SS16 here.

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