What's Your Oooops Moment?

Between Christmas and New Year, why not eschew all the family responsibilities and expectations and gather your best girl friends together for a fun evening?  A few hours of gossip, giggles and relaxing will drive all the Christmassy family niggles away and get you ready for new year's fun.  Here's the girls' night in kit we were recently sent by Tena Lights:

While you're gossiping why not share your biggest Oooops moments®?  We've all had them, whether it’s lipstick on our teeth or an unexpected little leak when we giggle too hard, they happen to the best of us!  My most recent one was this summer - loo roll caught round my shoe!!  Oh joy, and it took the girls to very loudly and laughingly point it out to me - cue red face!

So, why not grab a fun film, some snacks and drinks, and some pampering treats, and confess all!

What’s your biggest Oooops moment®?

According to a survey conducted by Tena, the biggest Oooops moment® experienced by UK women (51% of us!) is accidently sending a text to the wrong person.  Eeeek!

Second to top the list is forgetting someone’s name when greeting them, and in third place, having lipstick or food on your teeth.  Yikes!

Of course, many of us (1 in 2 women) experience light bladder weakness.  TENA Ultra Towels offer the ultimate protection for those little leaks, absorbing twice as fast as normal Ultra Towels, and thereby giving you complete peace of mind.  FeelFresh™ technology also locks in moisture and controls odour.  That's one Oooops moment® solved!

What's your Oooops moment®?

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