Forecasting 2016 Gardening Trends

When it comes to interior design trends for your home they can be somewhat easy to predict. Real estate agents will determine what features are selling and construction managers will have an abundance of certain projects over others. It's interesting to note that another area around the house that has trends up and down is the gardening niche. Whether it be expected temperatures, a rise in popularity of certain dishes, or a new species of plant introduced to the industry here are some gardening trends to look forward to in 2016.

Having Multi-Functional Plants

One thing to brag about on a family reunion website or to your friends on social media is creating a sustainable garden with multi-functional plants. What this means in a nut-shell is an increase in the trend for growing hops to in turn brew your own beer or having a grape patch which becomes your own signature wine. People have always gardened for food but a 2016 trend is growing plants that are also medicinal which can effectively create a healing garden.

Appealing to Multiple Senses

Gardens have always been a sight and a smell to behold but trends for 2016 see an increase in appealing to all the senses. For example, many homeowners are using bluetooth speakers and a stream of music to give their garden sound. Solar lights and strand light usage have also increased, especially in walking or sitting gardens. The garden is now used to legitimately increase quality of living and curb appeal of your home in addition to providing a source of oxygen, food, and ambiance among others.

Doing More With Less Space

Along the same lines of the 'tiny house' craze is the trend of creating gardens anywhere and everywhere. The next time you host family show off your vertical garden tower or table top planting prowess. A garden can be created almost anywhere – inside or outside of your home. Filling this 'dead' space with functional plants (even if they are just for looks/oxygen) is part of being a responsible homeowner while also adding to the curb appeal of your property.
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  1. gardening has lots of benefits that you wouldn't think of like helping reduce blood pressure. It is a good way to relax and get plenty of fresh air.

    1. Definitely. So rewarding too, especially if you grow plants from seed - even better if they're edible!


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