Thoughts on Valentine's Day

So the big V Day is a couple of weeks away and lots of you are panicking about what to get that special him or her.  Well, fear not dear reader, we have Valentine's Gift Guides to solve all your dilemmas, with everything from aromatic candles to zany beard business covered!  Look out too for a special guide to how to make Valentine's Day more of a family occasion, such a great idea!

I know our recent gift guide was met with groans from some and, whilst I do see the whole commercial rubbish argument, I kind of like it too.  After all, early February is often a bit dull and grey, so anything to lift the mood is good - although this freaky weather means we have daffodils to gaze at already, of course.  Yes, if you've recently split up with someone or you're on your own, seeing all this romance (even if it is a bit OTT or fake) everywhere is hard.  Yes, the price of red roses going through the roof for one day of the year is ludicrous.  And of course this pagan-Roman-early Christian hybrid of a festival has definitely been hijacked by capitalism, but what occasion hasn't?!    All occasions are a big deal for me, love them all!  Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, name days, birthdays, and of course Christmas.  Celebrating love - even if it's just your love for your dog - has got to be a good thing, surely?

Oh and by the by, we've had some shouts from across the pond and t'other side of the world asking for some more local ideas in our gift guides.  I'm really sorry that lots of the products we feature aren't available worldwide, but don't let that put you off - we love having you here!!  Head over to our Valentine's Day Pinterest board for lots of ideas that we can all make - art supplies and cooking ingredients are universal after all, even if we do call some of them slightly different names...

Although, a quick heads up for those in Oz, my friends thoroughly recommend the gorgeous fresh flowers from Flowers for Everyone who have shops across Sydney and Melbourne, but also offer Australia-wide delivery.  And with bouquets like these stunning summery treats, it makes a move to the other side of the world look tempting!

Whatever you want from Valentine's Day, we aim to help.  But if you want to bury your anti-romance head in the sand, we have lots more interesting features coming up too!

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