We're Back - I Think!

Hello!  How are you?!  Apologies for not being around much the past few weeks, we've gone from several posts a day for most of November and December to barely anything at all - sorry!  To paraphrase Alan Carr, what a couple of months it's been!  Thankfully, things finally look like they are getting better and life is calming down, so we are back - not quite 'with a vengeance' yet, but hopefully soon!

Of course we had all the craziness of Christmas and various other life events and more, but worst of all my mum was seriously ill from the end of November.  Thankfully she is now feeling much better and is recovering well at home.  Scary times.  Nothing compared to the dreadful flooding so many have suffered, but we have had all sorts of small problems like window leaks, things breaking, car problems, and all the rest of it.  Then Lara and I had 'flu and residual chest infections from just before New Year on, and are still under the weather.  To top it all, Misha was really ill for about ten days and we thought we were going to lose him.  Also thankfully now recovering.  Nightmare!

While I dream of being serene and unruffled like that gorgeous turtle above, I feel this may be more apt:

Always behave like a duck - keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like the devil underneath.

Anyway, suffice to say things should be back to normal sooner rather than later, and if you are lacking something to read, do pop over and check out our top posts of 2015.

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