A Little Bit of Out & About

The end of January and into February has seen us getting out and about a bit more than last month, with trips up to Buckinghamshire to visit my mum and other more local jaunts.  Although it has been colder, the rain has abated, which makes life much easier.

Whilst we were at my mum's, Steve and I took Sophia and Tatiana out for a drive, hoping to explore the gardens at Cliveden.  Unfortunately, I'd managed to leave the National Trust guide book at home and we were there two days before they re-opened after the winter closure.  So we went on to Maidenhead and parked near the river near a nice little playground.  

Lara had opted to stay at home with my mum, but Tatia and Sophia were eager to brave the cold and explore.  We also headed over to the river to feed the ducks and a couple of rather portly Canada geese who had holed up there.  I think they must have been on to a good thing in that spot.  We'll have to go back there with a picnic when the weather's better, I'm sure there will still be plenty of ducks to share our sandwiches with.

Back at home, with Lara still feeling a bit under the weather (literally!), Steve took Sophia and Tatiana out to the beach one sunny afternoon and got some great photos.

Tatia insists on wearing this hat of Lara's which is several sizes too big for her and looks like a giant tea cosy on her head.  Very cute though!

Sophia is currently fascinated by shells and all things beach, exploring lots of mini beasts and other fun things.  Especially as, when you investigate worm casts, you get "poo hands!"

I love the shot above of the great explorer heading off into the unknown, and the one below where the colours of her clothes are captured in her shadow on the sand.  Very clever.

The tide goes out such a long way here, and there are all sorts of treasures to discover in the sand, especially after there have been storms.

After finishing their beach explorations, our intrepid explorers wanted to take a walk along the prom through all the pebbles whcih had been washed up over the sea wall during the storms.  This photo reminds me of the Abbey Road album cover!

But of course they couldn't resist the lure of the beach for long and were soon back down on the sand the other side of the pier for more explorations and poo hands!

Earlier this week we headed over to Hayling Island for a lunch review, and afterwards headed to the nearby park where we found these fabulous birch trees with a beautiful red bark (betula utilis Bhutan Sienna, I think) which Lara and I were fascinated by.  Such a stunning colour.

The playground was fine although a little dated and rundown, but the girls had fun playing and there was a big football pitch to explore and lots of dogs to meet and play with too, so a good afternoon.

What have you been up to this month?

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