Six Spec-tacular Styles You Need this Spring!’

Step into spring with this six product guide that aims to provide you with the latest glasses trends for Spring’16. As we all know this is the season we are all encouraged to have a spring in our step, but for those of you not so keen to conform, why not just let your glasses do the talking, even just one of these styles will speak volumes and will get you in the mood for those lighter mornings and nights!

1. Up first are some perfect pastel frames! These are the perfect choice for an optimistic spring. All pastels are welcome, but the pair we have chosen in particular has just enough colour to accompany the re-introduction of the budding flowers. This gorgeous designer pair by URBN:west fade into an ombre which I love, keeping them subtle but smart, making these a pair perfect for a day to night transition.

2. Yep, that’s right, here’s another one for the ladies, and what better way than the enduring trend of the cats-eye? What makes this style so popular is its transition from a necessity to an accessory. These frames have an air of retro sophistication and are sure to remain on trend for 2016. I’m a particular fan of the subtle red hint of the Iceberg 137 designer pair, adding some colour but not too much, for those of you prefer a darker spectrum) to match the colourful season of spring.

3. Ok, don’t fear gentlemen, here’s one for the boys! These traditional frames with a retro edge are completely on-trend this spring, and yep, you guessed it, they’re sunglasses. They can be worn by women too, but we think the likes of Ryan Gosling and James Franco have set the masculine trend this year! You can wear these cool Brink Sun 9 sunglasses as a traditional pair, or those of you wanting to vamp up your image they can update a retro look in an instant.

4. Up next is the modern take on a classic aviator shape. You will be excited to know that this style can be emulated through either a normal pair of glasses, sunglasses, or BOTH! The completely metal frames of these glasses we have chosen by Baseline designer, called Abbot, make for a minimalist retro look, and for an even cooler take on them, why not try the gold frames. Available with prescription lenses, these really are trendy and great value for money.

P.S – If you would like this similar style but as a sunglass then we recommend the classic Ray Ban Aviator based on style and fantastic quality! We LOVE the gold tint

5. Does it get much more classic than a wayfarer shape? Nope, that’s right, it doesn’t. What we love most about this shape is its unisex identity, and we also love how diverse the shape has become, venturing away from a classic sunglass, to a regular pair of glasses too! The wayfarer will always remain on trend, but why not try a different shade or colour to modernise them, we like the blue Leon, by URBN:west and tortoise pair from F+F..

6. So the final style on our Spring’16 guide are up there with our favourites, and much like the other pairs, we just love their diversity. The semi-rimless frame make for a really subtle but chic style, and can most definitely be rocked by both men and women. We have seen these available in a sunglass too, but our preferred style is the classic glasses. They’re extremely light and make the perfect choice for a trendy, no-fuss spring choice of glasses! Here are some of our favourites, including Dolly from URBN:west and Nord Lite Val by Nord Lite

We hope our carefully selected guide contains something for every one of you to enjoy and embrace this spring! But not to fear because there is an abundance of alternative styles, shapes, colours and prices for you to choose from if not!

Happy Spring’16!
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