The Solution to Bad Backs? Try the New Designer Sit-Stand Desk

It seems self-evident to us that office-workers should sit at their desks, but this hasn’t always been the case. Standing desks were normal until relatively recently, and some people have always favoured them (Winston Churchill, for instance) for the energy standing gives to their work.  Lately, though, a new reason has been making standing at work popular again — the health hazards of too much sitting.

Standing for Health

As London Loves Business reports, our increasingly sedentary lifestyle has been associated with health issues from obesity to cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. This has led to standing desks growing in popularity, especially in health-conscious Scandinavia.

This doesn’t solve the problem, though, because excessive standing still is also bad for you. In any case, some jobs (like typing a report) aren’t suited to standing. As Trusted Reviews points out in its review of a standing desk, there needs to be a compromise.

The Sit-Stand Desk

The ideal solution is the sit stand desk, as seen on Designed with clean, modern lines, it can be used equally well in an office or for working from home. It can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button, not only between a sitting and standing position, but to the user’s ideal height in either mode.

In an office setting, the sit-stand desk has all the advantages of a standing desk, including that several people can gather around without the hassle of drawing up chairs, but with extra versatility. The ratio of sitting to standing can be a matter of individual choice, depending both on the person’s needs and the tasks they’re carrying out.

A Positive Health Aid

Of course, the choice does mean that a sit-stand desk has to be used properly, but evidence for this is encouraging. Reuters reports on a study in the US which suggests that workers using sit-stand desks sat for 66 minutes less a day than those who had traditional desks.

If you’re working for yourself at home, they have the extra bonus of increasing productivity. This is partly because your healthier working day means you’re likely to be sick less, but also because the ability to carry out each job in the best position enables you to complete that job more quickly and efficiently.

A Growing Trend

Standing desks have already spread to settings ranging from offices to schools and hospitals, and the extra ability offered a a sit-stand desk to control your own health benefits promises to make them the norm. You have the choice to enjoy all its advantages now.

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