Your Home Resolutions

The New Year may have come and gone, the fireworks have fizzled out and sadly, champagne isn’t so readily being poured. But that’s not to say that you can no longer set any resolutions. The whole year still lies ahead of you, and there’s plenty time to fill up improving different elements in your life.

Who really sets resolutions at the beginning of January anyway? You’re never going to be in the right frame of mind after the celebrations of Christmas and New Year, between feeling giddy or just exhausted. And inevitably, a few weeks into January, these resolutions will have fallen by the wayside anyway. Don’t be discouraged though, with the wrong resolutions out of the way, you can start making real plans, not just for you, but for your environment, your house, your home.

1. Save the pennies

A common resolution, saving money, and we’re all guilty of dipping into the savings or splurging on that luxury item. With the whole year ahead of you, there’s plenty time and opportunity to save a little more of your wage every month and put it towards something great. Whether it’s something really big, like a deposit for a house, or just something to make you happy, like a new dining table, set an amount to save each month, week, or even day, set a timescale and get disciplined.

2. De-clutter

As we wipe the slate clean to mark a new year, doesn’t it make complete sense to do the same with your home? It isn’t quite spring but that’s no excuse for not starting a spot of spring cleaning early. Prepare by making time at the weekend or of an evening to sort through the junk you’ve acquired over the years. Clear out ‘that drawer’ we all have that’s full of unknown bits and bobs. Throw away the clothes that haven’t made an appearance in the last year, and the old magazines you’ll never read. Then, with some space cleared, you’ll be all ready to throw open the windows come spring and start a fresh.

3. Make space for friends

… and family. In your newly decluttered home, you’ll now have space to fill with loved ones. Make this year the year you spend more time with friends and family, and make your home a warm and welcoming place for all. Maybe some of those savings could even go towards making sure everyone has a seat.

4. New look

You don’t have to rush into any d├ęcor decisions, but why not try out the motto, New Year, New Home, rather than a New You. You don’t need to change; you’re great as you are, now all you need to do is make your home just as fantastic. Start with the basics, a new lick of paint here and there, a splash of colour to brighten each room and a few choice soft furnishings to match. Try out Dulux Decorator Centre’s Diamond range for a strong and durable wall paint on which to start your decorating. It’s resistant to stains, marks, scratches and scrapes, and so will stay looking great for years to come.

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