Automatic Top Up Technology from Calor

Life is getting more connected, more urbanised and more centralised all the time, but a minority of people have stepped off the hamster wheel altogether and gone 'off grid'.  Stepping away from the main utilities and becoming self-reliant is just part of the move to independent, free living whether it be in a yurt, caravan, self-built home, converted bus, or abandoned croft.  Most people who move towards off-grid living will also seek to become more self-sufficient by growing, raising animals, and learning new practical skills.

Whilst we look on longingly at the freedom a truly off-grid existence gives, I don't think our family is quite ready to give up all our home comforts.  We'd need solar panels for electricity and a gas supply for cooking and heating, but what if they go wrong, or worse still run out?!

Luckily, a new service from gas supplier Calor means that customers don't need to worry about ordering gas again.  The new intelligent telemetry system from Calor automatically orders off grid gas for your home when low, even when you're not at home.  Freeing up time, and thought space, to do the things that are more important - putting up that poly tunnel, for example.  You won’t have to give your gas top-ups a second thought as all the thinking is done for you.

All new and existing Calor gas tanks, even those installed underground, can make use of this new automatic re-ordering technology.  The sophisticated telemetry unit features a contents gauge that sits on top of the tank, continuously monitoring gas levels.  When a top-up is needed, a transmitter sends a signal via GSM technology to Calor's central computers, which then pass the alert on to the customer's local Calor depot, who will arrange a convenient time for your fuel delivery.  You can see how it all works on Calor's website, the leading lpg supplier in the UK.

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