Balcony Gardening: March 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Well, one of them anyway, I just love all the spring bulbs and could happily gaze at daffodils and hyacinths for hours.  Not to mention the beautiful perfumes.  Like much of the country, our daffodils have been in full bloom from the end of January, but having so many different varieties we still have some in bud now.  My little balcony garden is a mass of beautiful bulbs.

Sharing their space are the cyclamen and some still going strong stocks.  The crocuses have also finally bloomed, long after the wild ones we saw back in January.

On the grow your own front, we have just picked the last of the winter's carrots, and there are a couple of last straggly chard plants, some beetroot, and spring greens.  This poor little brussels sprout plant has limped through winter somehow, maybe it will keep growing and produce something for next Christmas!

We're busy chitting our potatoes and have a whole host of seeds ready for planting, so there will be lots of vegetables in a few months time, hopefully.  The girls are of course raring to go with the planting!

Oh, and then there's this chap - my feline equivalent to Monty Don's Nigel!  My ever-present gardening companion.

As for fruit, we have raspberry growth, yay!  And it looks like the currant bushes, gooseberries and blueberries are all happy enough, but we seem to have lost all of our strawberries unfortunately.  The girls keep asking for apple, pear and peach trees though, not sure we can fit those out on our balcony!

Indoors, we had these beautiful irises and chrysanthemums courtesy of Tesco, beautiful.  Great value and they lasted for ages.  I always intend to make cut flowers a regular habit, maybe this year I'll succeed.  In the meantime, I will just have to gaze out at my daffodils.  Tulips too, soon...

What's been going on in your garden this month?

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