Get Reassurance Throughout Your Pregnancy with Bonzun

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time, with all the expectation of your beautiful baby ahead and the amazing miracle of new life, but it can often also be quite stressful, especially a first pregnancy.  If you haven't been around many pregnant women before, or don't have friends and family close by who have recently been pregnant, it can be hard to find people to talk to, who really get what you're going through and want to discuss the ins and outs of every symptom and thought.  You don't want to bother your midwife with every little query or twinge, and it can be hard to quell the worries that run unbidden through your hyper-alert mind at 3am.

Many of us invest in a whole library of books and apps, but the majority are more interested in telling us that our baby is the size of a walnut/pear/cantaloupe than addressing any tricky worries and symptoms.  It seems there's no-one to ask and nowhere to get the information you desperately need, but luckily a newly launched app plugs this gap.  The Bonzun app puts leading medical and midwife advice in your pocket, and gives advice on a number of preventable pregnancy complications.

It was launched by Swedish entrepreneur, Bonnie RoupĂ©, after she experienced serious health complications during her own pregnancy and found that the process of searching the internet for answers was a lengthy and difficult process, due to not being able to find pregnancy specific search results.  Now Bonzun offers a wealth of information, and the reassurance that that brings, in your pocket.

Bonnie describes what she wanted to offer in Bonzun:

“When I started research the idea of Bonzun, I found that some of the best and most informed pregnancy health information was only held in private medical intranets or in the heads of the most experienced midwives. I found most useful information that could help give women the assurance that their symptoms were normal or abnormal, was totally inaccessible. It would be great if you could have anytime access to these resources but most of us don’t have the luxury of a 24 hour hotline to our doctors or midwives. Bonzun was built to help with this problem.”

Using your medical test results (blood pressure, bloods, urine etc), the app checks against possible symptoms and flags up any potential issues.  By giving a heads up on the early warning signs of potential health complications such as pre-eclampsia, the app offers to give worried mums-to-be peace of mind whilst allowing them to monitor their own health, day to day, throughout their term.

Pre-eclampsia is such a dangerous condition, yet so preventable and treatable, and anything that can help prevent it developing is a godsend for any women who may be at risk.  My friend had a severe case some years ago and we nearly lost her, or her son, or even possibly both of them, all for something that could have been spotted in advance and treated.  Thankfully they were both OK.  Unfortunately, pre-eclampsia is notoriously hard to diagnose and, because of this, diagnosis is often made too late to be able to make a difference.  By checking possible symptoms, that mothers often don't want to 'bother' their midwife or GP with on the Bonzun app, such complications could potentially be identified, and treated or prevented, earlier.

Bonzun offers four main functions:

  • Test tracker function: takes your routine test results and gives you feedback on the state of your health.
  • Baby movement monitor: helps track movements, flagging when the baby is unusually quiet.
  • Symptom checker: allowing you to work out if your symptoms are completely normal or something to seek further help with.
  • On-hand live 1:1 24/7 medical professional advice
  • Latest pregnancy health information: delivering leading medical research and advice from doctors and midwives.

I particularly like the test tracker function, as so often it feels like the midwives are in charge of some mystical art form, why shouldn't pregnant mothers have the knowledge and understanding of what is going on in their bodies?  During focus groups, 100% of women stated that they didn't understand their test results and were unable to find the relevant information online.  With the Bonzun test tracker this is no longer a problem.  And don't worry, the app contains the fun stuff too, as you can see on the home screen here:

The app has already been a huge hit with mums in China, being downloaded over 800,000 times, and is the worlds first pregnancy symptom checker and health test tracker app.  Available on Android and iOS, Bonzun offers greater peace of mind to pregnant women by delivering information about their personal health data, helping them monitor test results and baby movements throughout their pregnancy.  Plus the added reassurance of being able to search through a library of pregnancy specific symptoms as their bodies change.  No more lying awake in the early hours wondering if that weird feeling in your ribs is normal!

No expectant mother should experience preventable health complications, just because they are unable to get quick access to information that could give them better peace of mind or even save their life.  The Bonzun app can be downloaded for free via the Google and iOS App Stores.

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