Lara's 6th Birthday & Our First Holiday of the Year!

Lara and Sophia had a joint birthday party at a soft play venue way back at the end of January, exactly half way between their birthdays, so when it came to Lara's big day we were free to go away on holiday for the week.  We did the same last year and I think this could well become a bit of a tradition as it's a great time to go away, after half-term and before the weather has warmed up enough for most people, so we can explore empty beaches, swimming pools and forest to our hearts' content.  Bliss.

We had a lovely week in the New Forest, dancing with giant squirrels ...

... building sandcastles and paddling on various beaches ...

... opening birthday presents ...

... making Nanny try on tiny pyjamas ...

... visiting our favourite farm ...

... kissing goats ...

... and donkeys ...

... playing at lots of playgrounds and one soft play on the day it rained ...

... cuddling giant penguins, and adoring real ones...

... watching the fish and turtles go by...

... flexing our mini fashionista style muscles...

... and meeting the wildlife in the New Forest ...

The perfect small people's holiday!

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  1. Lots of wonderful photos and happy memories! The photos of kissing the goats just melted my heart, aww and double aww, way too cute. Happy belated birthday to your super girlie!

  2. That looks like so much fun! You have done so many things there and I am sure this will be one of your most memorable trip =)

    Happy 6th birthday to Lara too!


  3. Beautiful photos of your trip :) xxx

  4. It looks like you had such a good week. I love the New Forest - there's so much to do. Is that Longdown? Tin Box Tot loved those tractors :) #countrykids

  5. The New Forest is beautiful and it looks like you have chosen a lovely time of year to visit, peaceful and dry. the children look like they are having a wonderful time. that little donkey at the farm looks so gentle and the beaches look sandy and perfect. I hope this does become a birthday tradition for you all. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  6. I so love the New Forest and it's wonderful how many animals they had a chance to see and encounter up close.

  7. What a fabulous holiday - the New Forest is one of my favourite places to visit, there is always so much to see there. Love all your photos, especially the farm ones and Lara looks like she had a lovely birthday too :-)

  8. what a lovely holiday and a fab way to spend a birthday

  9. What a great collection of animals for a birthday week. That donkey is adorable and I reckon that is our first "giant squirrel" on #AnimalTales! Apologies being so late commenting – the blog revamp rather took over this week!


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