Look Like a 50s Fashion Icon with a High Waisted Bikini

Summer is fast approaching and that means that all of us are going to be heading to the beach and therefore need to think about the style of swimsuit we want to get our hands on this year. It’s true that the fashion industry has often embraced twiggy pixies and most styles were defined by the thinnest models. In the past, the bikini was something out of the realm of stylishness for a plus-sized beauty, but that just wasn’t fair — and now some forward thinking designers are changing the trends.

Now, if you’re a plus-sized swimsuit shopper, you can look like a fashion icon from the 1950s with a high-waisted bikini. This is an option that allows girls of all sizes to look attractive at the beach this year. With plus-sized fashion models like Ashley Graham rocking the cover of sports illustrated, it’s easier than ever for a curvier or bustier woman to find something that fits great and looks smoking! For the summer season there are more and more of these options than ever before so get ready to show what you have at the beach regardless of your body shape. You will look fantastic.

Women of all sizes are beautiful and they deserve the chance to feel sexy and flaunt it for others to admire. The beach can be an intimidating enough place; you don’t have to feel that way when you are shopping for a great swimsuit. Unfortunately, judgment is what many of us get at the local department store. If you’re tired of snippy looks from sales girls or other shoppers, it’s time to make a change. Nobody knows your style like you do and that is why shopping for a high waisted bikini online is a much better option than a department store.

Here are some tips that will make your online bikini shopping a success. First make sure that you are clear on your size. An online retailer like swimsuitsforall will let you order two sizes that might fit you and then return the one that doesn’t fit — which offers you ultimate purchasing flexibility. Of course you should make sure the online store is reputable and has a good return policy. It is also important to check the shipping price as well, since all garments need to be delivered to your door. That can significantly add to the price you will pay and might cost you to return items as well. Regardless of your size, shopping for a swimsuit online is going to allow you to capture this classic look and allow you to be the hottest thing on the beach this summer in your high-waisted bikini. Why not stop by swimsuitsforall.com/High-Waist-Swimwear-Bikinis-D to see all the latest trends? You can even find your body type with the onsite body type calculator and compare styles.

Now there are a wide variety of multicolored and floral patterned suits available at swimsuitsforall — in fact they stock over 800 varieties of swimwear to give you the best opportunity to choose the colors and the color patterns that look great on your body. Not only that but most of the high-waisted bikinis come with extra support straps in the front and back which allow for maximum tummy control. They allow you to look perfectly attractive showing off your flattering curves while keeping problem areas in check. The fashion world is smartening up and so is the shopping industry. It’s your time to find a plus-sized swimsuit that makes you look and feel your best.

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