Our Month: March 2016

What a busy month!!  I can't believe a quarter of the year has gone already and we just seem to have been non-stop for the entire three months.  The girls are busy every day playing complicated games that involve Shopkins, superheroes, My Little Pony, baby dolls, being 'mums', Frozen, diggers, Paw Patrol and goodness only knows who else, not to mention dozens of on-going LEGO and Duplo constructions.  Complicated enough, but then I am expected to create convoluted stories on my bedtime nights (Steve and I take it in turns) involving all of these characters and more.  I do rather lose track halfway, but Sophia and Lara are always happy to remind me that I've forgotten the vital role Chase/Pinkie Pie/Peter Rabbit/Baby Annabell was playing.  I must be doing something right though as Steve is only allowed to read books when it's his turn!

So, we'll start with Mother's Day, which was lovely.  Steve had been super-organised and put in an arts and crafts order to The Works, so the girls had made lots of lovely cards, crafts and this lovely decoration above the door for me to wake up to.  I had armfuls of daffodils and lots of lovely presents too, very spoilt mummy!

Sophia wore her best clothes especially for me, her current favourite bugs and bees top and leggings from a recent Sainsbury's haul, finished off with her 'Miss Mouse' shoes.  Bless.

After lunch we headed to the garden centre where I had free rein to pick up anything I liked, woohoo!  (Potentially a little dangerous...)  I snapped up these two little flowers straight away though.

Mother's Day treats continued the next day when the girls arrived home from play group with some petals which they insisted I have in a bath - with company of course!

And then Jessie fell in...

Sophia's drawing skills have developed fast this month, must be all those rainy days we had earlier on!  Lots of time to practice.

At the weekly church play group the girls go to they did lots of lovely crafts as well as learning about the Easter story, their Gardens of Gethsemane were especially lovely.




We carried on at home, painting some wooden doll's house furniture, figures; made Easter baskets and bunnies; and much more.  Lots of art and crafts this month!

Sophia's 'Spiderbunny'

Crosses for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Palm leaves for Palm Sunday

And here's our Easter tree, with painted eggs and some decorative eggs and bunnies from Hema:

As ever, the girls grow and change scarily fast, but are a beautiful delight every day, and great company.  Sophia is so sweet-natured and a great help with jobs and other little things, most of the time anyway!  She's desperate to do what I do, see the laptop she has made herself in the picture below this one.

Lara's imagination and ideas are ever-expanding, she is busy drawing and creating each day and has created a display wall in the sitting room for her art work.  She has also started planning her designs first before she puts pencil to paper or begins sticking things together, as this LEGO model shows:

And then it was Easter, and the girls had a lovely pile each to wake up to, as well as a big hunt of about 100 eggs to find!  Unfortunately, I had managed to develop the 'flu over the Easter weekend, so all our big going out plans were shelved while I spent most of the time in bed or watching Four in a Bed marathons on the sofa.  Thankfully Steve had his first Easter weekend off in years so was around to entertain the girls and take them to the beach and playgrounds.

Jess decided to put Sophia's Easter basket over her neck, maybe she thought there were some kitty eggs to find...

The girls were absolutely delighted with their haul of eggs and pressies, let's hope we get it all eaten before Christmas this year!

Still a bit sleepy, Tatiana!

If you're still here through all those photos, well done!  See you for our April round-up next month x

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