Reduce Your Energy Costs with Calor Gas

Whatever type of energy use, finding ways to save fuel - and money - is a top priority.  With the need to update a central heating system every 10 to 15 years on average, what fuel you use is not a decision to be taken lightly.  It is vital to consider all the costs over the lifetime of your system, and Calor are confident that they can help you save money versus the other alternatives on the market.

With competitive pricing, including offering great savings on new boilers, no tank purchase or above ground installation costs, and a range of brilliant hybrid renewable energy solutions for greener energy, Calor gas is certainly worth looking at before you make any decisions.  Whether you currently use oil, electricity or solid fuel in your home, Calor offers a range of benefits:

If you currently use oil

If your boiler is a decade old, or more, it is likely to be working inefficiently.  Installing a new A-rated boiler that uses LPG will often be cheaper than a new oil boiler, up to £900 cheaper on average.  Installing a Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump and boiler would save you even more money.

Oil boilers also tend to accumulate more soot than LPG boilers, meaning more maintenance will be needed to keep it working efficiently.

If you currently use electricity

Storage heaters are notoriously expensive to run, and make it difficult to control the desired temperatures.  LPG is just like using mains gas, meaning you can switch your heating on and off as and when required and easily control the temperature via a thermostat connected to your boiler.

Furthermore, the majority of professional chefs agree that cooking with LPG is the best option.  According to a recent national survey, 96% of professional chefs prefer using an LPG cooktop.

If you currently use solid fuel

With solid fuel there is often more day to day maintenance and manual labour required than with LPG; all that lighting, maintaining and cleaning fires and stoves, yawn!  Not to mention storage issues!

With Calor's discreet underground storage, your country home's looks are no longer spoiled by piles of solid fuel or outhouses.  Using LPG for heating the home, cooking or outdoor use means you can relax and enjoy country living at its best. . Read more about this on Calor’s website, the leading lpg supplier in the UK.

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