Side Jobs for Low Income Earners

Sometimes the only way to help yourself when living on a low income is to find a side job that can help you supplement your income. Side jobs are a great option to help bring in extra income to help pay the bills and potentially open up new fulltime job opportunities. Identifying jobs that align with your skill set can be great but looking for something different that can increase your skill set may even be better.  Below are the great segments to consider when thinking about additional cash flow options.


Some of the highest paying side jobs available deal with your knowledge. Are you an expert in a particular service, product or area? It almost does not matter what it is, there is generally going to be someone looking for “expert” advice. This knowledge economy is also great as a side job, because of the online aspect to it. As long as you have a computer and internet connection, often you can provide knowledge services to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This makes it a great part time job from home on your own time, giving you the best flexibility and great results.

Options on the knowledge economy include becoming a freelance writer. Blog for a cause and start building an audience and reaping the ad rewards. Become a tutor as many of these companies are offering tutoring by Skype. Have a certificate or diploma? Teach an online course. Get paid for writing reviews for companies or promoting them through social media. There are tons of different ways to take advantage of the knowledge economy and most of it can be done online.


If you like to be more hands-on, there are a bunch of side jobs that require only your elbow-grease. Landscaping is one of these side jobs and in cold-weather places all it requires is a shovel. When a big storm hits, grab a $10 snow shovel and head to the nearest middle-class or affluent neighborhood and offer your services. You will be surprised how much you can make in six hours with just a $10 investment.

You could also become a delivery person and it can be cheaper than you think. Buy a second-hand bicycle and start delivering groceries or envelopes and running errands for seniors in your community. You could set up a car wash in a local convenience store lot offering them a cut of the earnings. If you are handy with tools you could offer handyman services or with a vehicle garbage removal services as well.

Sell Stuff

If you are crafty, start making low value items and putting them on craft selling websites like Etsy, Amazon or Ebay. Once you turn a couple items over you can start targeting higher value goods. Everything from knitting, paintings and carvings can all be sold on these sites.

Become a garage sale hunter and turn a profit by reselling these finds online. Often you can talk down sellers at garage sales for bargain basement prices and turn around and sell these items online for a profit.

Whatever you choose as a side job, be sure that it does not affect your main source of income or endanger to cut it off. Be sure to claim all income and maybe the side job can become your main income.

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