What We're Wearing, March 2016

It may be a bit early, but for us holidays are all year round and there are always swimming pools, so this month we bring you - swimwear!

Lara and Sophia have received some lovely Platypus swimwear from House of Fraser.  With a UPF of 50+ these sun suits will be perfect for days on the beach in the summer, but right now we're wearing them in the swimming pool on holiday.

Finding a good kids swimming costume for Lara can be tricky, but the Paisley Sunskirt from Platypus is in her favourite colour, pink, and fits perfectly.  So she was quite happy to pose for a couple of photos, whilst Sophia refused to pose in her Platypus Lace Baby Sunskirt.  The joys of working with temperamental models!

Thankfully, back home Sophia was happy to show me some moves in her new Shopkins skirt from Noisy Sauce.  We chose the 5-6 size as she is the taller end of 3-4, but this skirt will last for ages as the waistband is a bit big still.  However, she adores it anyway and wears it at every opportunity.

Our other Shopkins fan received the cute skater dress which is super flippy and swishy, so requires lots of spinning whenever it is worn!  The all over print shows a huge variety of Shopkins characters and the girls spend ages spotting new ones and comparing the collection on their respective clothes!

Made from 100% polyester, the stretchy fabric is perfect for hard-playing girls, and has survived rolling around on grass, mud and leaves so far, as well as the rigours of soft play.  With so many colours in the Shopkins design, the girls have paired their new togs with all sorts of t-shirts, tops and leggings, as you can see.  Head over to Noisy Sauce to snap up some clothes for your Shopkins fan!

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