A Day in the Life of Baby Annabell #DayWithAnnabell

Hello, Baby Annabell here.  How are you?  I've joined my friends Lara, Sophia and Tatiana today to tell you all about my life.  Luckily their mummy has this blog thing, so I can finally get my voice out there and tell you all about what life's really like for us dolls.  And the first word that comes to mind is: busy!  I go here, there and everywhere with my friends, it's a doll's life I tell you.  Here's what a typical day looks like for me.  And you thought you were busy!

I love waking up next to one of my little friends, they're like mummies to me really.  This smallest one is almost as cute as me.

After I wake up I like a cuddle with one of my mummies and some milky, then I choose one of my lovely outfits for the day.  I have so many outfits and accessories to choose from, you can see them all over on my website - I even have my own catalogue!

How cute are my clothes?  Do you like my cute lamb motif?  Lamby is my favourite toy so he's on most of my things.  I'd hate for my things to get mixed up with Baby Born's!

Once I've decided on my outfit, my mummy changes my nappy and gets me dressed.  Sometimes I cry when my nappy's being changed so Mummy gives me a cuddle and a drink of water in my bottle.

My mummies all love me very much and like getting me dressed.  Don't I look cute?

After breakfast I like to play in the garden.  The trampoline is my favourite.  Mummy helps me jump and it makes me giggle.

I love going down the little slide in the garden, but I'm a bit scared of the big slide at the playground still.  I think I might try it again later though.

I love my ride-on car too, but I'm a bit too small to push the buggy yet!

I had my snack in the garden with my mummies.  I was very excited because we were going on a safari before lunch!

First I needed to have my nappy changed again, so Mummy Lara did that for me.  Then I got into my car seat ready for the journey.  I was getting so excited!

Hooray, we're off!

When we got there I wanted to walk, but my legs are so little still that I had to find new transport - do you like my wheels?

I haven't spotted any big creatures yet, but these new friends were fun.  I really want a pet dog, and I think they're all auditioning!

But where are the Big 5 on this safari?

Aha!  Don't look now, but I don't think this is a rock, I think I may have found a big cat...

After lunch we headed home.  I was so tired after all that excitement.  Mummy Sophia gave me a lovely massage with my special oil before I had my nap.  She's very good at baby massage.

But Mummy Lara is the best at rocking me to sleep, I was gone in seconds!

When I woke up I was a bit grumpy because some of my teeth are coming through.  Luckily, my teether toy makes it all better.  I love chewing on it.  Then I had a drink and a biscuit before we went out again.  (I told you it was all go!)

Lara's Shopkins dress c/o Noisy Sauce

We went to the playground to meet one of my friends.  I went on the swing first and Mummy Lara pushed me.

I practised my walking some more, and even felt brave enough to climb up the big slide!  But I only got a few steps up before I closed my eyes and started crying, so Mummy helped me back down.  Maybe next time...

When my friend arrived we climbed up the big climbing frame together.  Her mummy was at work, so my mummies took care of her.  Don't we look cute together on the climbing frame?

I even felt brave enough to go down the slide on the climbing frame for the first time.  Go me!

I had such a busy day that I could hardly keep my eyes open long enough for dinner.  I fell alseep when Mummy Phi-phi was holding me, so she put me down to sleep on the sofa while everyone else had their dinner.  Ah, what a lovely day!  Can you see me smiling in my sleep?

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