Calor Shows How Easily You Can Switch to LPG

In the third of our posts about the ease, and value, of using Calor Gas, today we cover switching to LPG, and with Calor it couldn't be easier!  They offer to make the process as simple as possible, with little or no disruption to daily life.  Plus they will manage the whole process for you, from start to finish, removing any anticipated hassle for you and your family.

The process begins with a home visit from an energy specialist to find out exactly what you and your household needs.  The specialist can advise on the location of your gas storage, whether to site it underground or above, or a compact cylinder pack, and provide a tailored heating solution for you to consider.  All of Calor's energy specialists are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), so they can also offer advice on how to make further savings.

Once agreed, Calor will oversee and arrange the whole process, from installing the gas tank or cylinder pack, pipework and boiler installation.  Invasive groundwork is minimised by using the latest technology and clever underground moling* equipment for the external pipework connection.  You can also choose to have your new boiler installed by a third party supplier, whom Calor will liaise with.  If you're switching from oil, there is usually no need to replace your radiators and internal pipework.

Once everything is installed with minimal disruption, you're good to go, and the first delivery to fill your gas tank will be arranged.  And don't forget that Calor's clever automatic gas top-up technology means you don't need to worry about ordering gas.  Gas levels are measured and when you need a top-up, a delivery is automatically scheduled.

With easy, hassle-free installation and a reliable automatic top-up service, you can relax, and begin to enjoy all the benefits of mains gas, off the grid.  You can find out how easy it is to switch from oil, electricity or solid fuel on the Calor Gas website, the leading LPG supplier in the UK.

*Subject to ground conditions

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