Into the Woods

Brr, when is it going to get warmer?! We've had some decent sunny days, the girls have even got sun-tanned faces, but it just keeps getting colder. And sleeting, and hailing (is that a word?). Come on weather, it's May on Sunday!  On one of the better days a few weeks ago, we headed off to some of our local woods for a picnic, a walk and a play.

The picnic part was interspersed with poking sticks into mole hills, bird-spotting and gazing at criss-crossing vapour trails.

Then we headed into the woods, where the girls enjoyed playing on the strung up rope swings, for themselves and dolly!

Further into the woods, there are some made and half-made dens and bivouacs which everyone re-designs and contributes to as they pass.  The girls love doing their bit, adding their own touches to the interiors and exteriors and acting out stories.

As the sun came out we decided to head off to look for fairies and elves deeper into the woods

All those crunchy brown leaves were crying out to be thrown, so the girls duly obliged!

We decided to take a water break and Sophia and Tatiana seized the chance to bury their doll - and Sophia - in the leaves.

After all that fun, we headed back to the car park area for ice creams.

Just a quick note, if you are wondering what all the signs are on the trees above, this native woodland is currently under threat from Forest Holidays who want to flatten vast swathes of it to build 75 holiday lodges, associated roads in, support facilities etc.  If you would like to join us in fighting their destruction of this beautiful and highly popular site, please join the Save Houghton Forest campaign as it unfolds.  Thanks (cue cheesy grin pic).

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