Review: Babease Baby Food

Re-sealable baby food pouches are perfect for when you're on the go, and we got through a lot of them with our baby-led weaners when we were out for the day, or as a quick snack at home.  Unfortunately, a lot of brands that claim to be 100% natural and organic aren't always quite what they claim, so we were pleased to hear about a new brand that offers just that.  Babease offers the reassurance that it is 'Food for Babies - Not Baby Food', an important distinction.

I was shocked to hear recently about the high fruit content of many commercial baby foods, even in their savoury blends!  Using fruit to disguise the taste of vegetables is never going to be great for babies, as research has repeatedly demonstrated that encouraging babies' naturally sweet tooth is detrimental to health in the long term.  Babies need real flavours and real vegetable tastes to encourage their palate and help them eat a wide variety of foods in the long term.  We have a houseful of broccoli and brussels sprouts fans to prove babies can cope with strong vegetable flavours!

With Babease every ingredient is used for a reason, and never to disguise other flavours.  Their organic, vegetable-led recipes offer a real alternative that will help encourage a healthy approach to eating.  They pride themselves on their honest, transparent approach to labelling, listing all ingredients in order on the front of the pack and the back, rather than creating titles that disguise the real ingredients.  The packs also boast a pioneering ingredient wheel, which clearly shows the exact breakdown of ingredients at a glance.

This new premium range offers nutritionally balanced recipes that are 100% organic and 100% natural, and full of flavour too.  Ingredients such as coconut water encourage a broad palette, as well as bringing unique nutritional benefits.  Our tasters loved the range of interesting and unusual flavours, saying that the natural flavours of the vegetables weren't compromised at all.  They also commented on the addition of unusual ingredients like cumin, fennel and sage which gave the recipes a real depth of flavour and made them more like 'real' food.  All said the flavours they tasted were pleasant and received well by their babies aged 6, 9 and 11 months.

The Babease Delightfully Smooth Stage 1 recipes offer a great introduction to first flavours and never use more than 30% fruit in their fruit and vegetable combinations.  Varieties include:

· Organic Pumpkin & Pea
· Organic Sweet Potato, Carrot & Cauliflower
· Organic Butternut Squash, Carrot & Broccoli
· Organic Parsnip, Carrot & Pear
· Organic Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash & Pear
· Organic Sweet Potato & Pear with Coconut Water, Brown Rice & Quinoa
· Organic Pear & Mixed Berries with Coconut Water, Brown Rice & Quinoa
· Organic Banana, Pear & Blueberry with Brown Rice

The Wonderfully Textured Stage 2 recipes use a wider range of ingredients in tasty combinations to help expand baby's palate, including:

· Organic Brown Rice, Swede, Courgette & Kale, with Onion, Garlic & Thyme
· Organic Broccoli, Parsnip, Green & Puy Lentils with Onion, Fennel, Tomato & Herbs
· Organic Butternut Squash, Quinoa & Beetroot with Onion & Sage
· Organic Chickpea, Pumpkin, Tomato & Coconut Cream with Herbs & Mild Masala
· Organic Sweet Potato, Tomato, Carrot & Quinoa, with Chickpeas & Cumin

The full Babease range is available from Ocado and from the Babease website, priced £1.19 for a 100g Stage 1 pouch, and £1.49 for a 130g Stage 2 pouch.

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