Which Phone Case Are You?

Some of my Facebook friends love those quizzes, you know the thing: What's your fitness personality?  Which muppet should be your BFF?  What animal would you be in another life? Which Game of Thrones character should be your boyfriend?  How much DNA do you share with a banana? Do you have a pilot's eye sight? What type of doughnut are you?*  Most of them serve very little purpose, but I'm sure if you have an office job or are otherwise bored they are a terrific diversion.  After all, who wouldn't want to know what type of doughnut they should be in order to discuss dating a Game of Thrones character with their Muppet best friend?!

However, today we do have a pretty useful quiz for you.  Tech 21 want you to get the best phone case for your needs, so they have devised this fun flow quiz.  Obviously for Luddites like me, the first question 'Do you have a phone?  (Nope)  How? Why?  What's wrong with you?!' is pretty limiting, but for all you normal people out there, find out whether you should have a glittery, plain or animal case.  Your iPhone case never looked so good!  It's pretty fun too...

Which Phone Case Are You?

From Visually.

* The first person to successfully guess which of these is made up wins the prize**.
** Prize may not be anything worth having.

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