Book Review: Fairy World

The photographs of the Cottingley Fairies in the early 20th century sparked a public frenzy when published by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1920, but were later debunked.  However, new proof has emerged that fairies do indeed exist and this beautiful book from Stella A. Caldwell, a member of The Royal Institute for Fairy Research, ushers us in to their magical world.

"It was a summers afternoon and I was playing on the garden lawn. A soft breeze whispered through the trees, and I gradually became aware that the breeze was in fact a ‘voice’ that seemed to beckon me. It sounds unbelievable but at that moment I understood there was more to this world than meets the eye."

Fairy World reveals the magical, mystical world of fairies, the fantastical creatures that live there, and the beauty of their world.  Open the pages and go on an enchanting journey into a world of moonlit meadows, enchanted forests and sprite-hazed streams where fairies fly, sing and dance.  There are hideous goblins and serene maidens.

With beautiful illustrations, and extracts from diaries, letters and journals, Caldwell takes the reader on a safari into this mythical land, highlighting ancient myth and folk tales from around the world.  the truth about fairies will be revealed at last.

Lara has pored over this beautiful book endlessly since it arrived and is fascinated with the images, the mythology and the otherworldliness of this wonderful world.  The perfect book for little girls!

Fairy World retails at £14.99, but you could win a copy right here on Attachment Mummy.

Do you believe in fairies?

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